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Brookshire Grocery Company

I had the privilege of hearing Mark's Identity Theft Protection Presentation many years ago and it literally changed the way that I operate in my personal life. It also had a huge effect on our company's operations as we immediately worked to eliminate the use of our employees' social security numbers as identifiers. His knowledge of the information staggered me and I could not wait to communicate the information I had learned to others.

Anne Cozart
Workforce Planning and Recruiting Supervisor.

Tyler Junior College

Mark spoke to Tyler Junior College faculty, staff and students to train them on how to react during an active shooter situation multiple times this semester. His message was very impactful and his presentation was extremely engaging for our participants. Due to the positive response from participants of the training, we will be bringing him back to our campus for presentations in the future. In light of what is going on in our country, this type of information is very important as we strive to keep our campus safe.

Lauren Tyler
Director of Student Life

High Profile Staffing

I would highly recommend this training for any business that wants to help educate and prepare their staff for better chances of survival in the event an active shooter incident would occur. As you said, these preparation techniques can empower individuals to make life-saving decisions. I have personally shared what I've learned with other staff members, colleagues, and family.

Bronwyn Allen
President & CEO

Kenedy ISD

To say the least, this training, even on a day like today, was just what they needed. It was funny, very informative, and well worth it! This is something that everyone here today can take with them and utilize all the time. Mark commented “If this training can save even just one life of a teen, it was worth it”. I feel he connected very well with different age groups of students. He connected with staff much more than I anticipated. His approach was perfectly balanced.

Lily McGrath

Administrative Director

Troup ISD

The data presented pertaining to previous shootings was very compelling as it related response vs. casualties. You made us aware of the options that will enable us to protect our students, staff, and ourselves. Thanks to your training and role playing, we can now implement alternative methods which will help us buy time and save lives. Although we hope that Troop ISD is never confronted with such a horrific situation, we feel that we are much better equipped to handle it should it occur, thanks to your active shooter training.

Stuart Bird

East Texas Food Bank

Mark was able to customize his presentation specifically to our workplace, and gave us the resources and confidence to be prepared for a multitude of volatile workplace situations.

Our employees continue to recite key phrases and quotes Mark taught us, like “The body cannot go where the mind has never been.” This is a positive indicator of the impact Mark’s presentation left on our staff, and it is my pleasure to recommend Mark and TBG Solutions for all of your employee safety and training needs!”

Dawn Yount
HR Director

East Texas Council of Governments

On behalf of ETCOG, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for the active shooter response and de-escalation training you provided to both our on-site employees and our bus operators located in the field throughout our 14 county region. The feedback received from staff following your training consisted of some of the following responses: "Informative!" "Makes you think and prepare!"

"If you miss Mark's training, that's a 'missed opportunity'!"

"Great interactive training!"

Brigitte Farrell
HR Director

University of Texas at Tyler

Mark provided relevant examples and experiences that made our staff think twice about what they have posted on social media and what they might do differently in the future. His in depth knowledge and passion for the topic really shows in his presentation. Mark provided our attendees with valuable resources and information that they were able to take away from the session. Areas on our campus are already truing to figure our ways to incorporate other trainings on topics for their employees as well as students at the University.

Jessica Brown
Marketing Coordinator

Lindale ISD Logo.jpg

Lindale ISD

 Mark came out to our campus And did one of his phenomenal assemblies on the dangers of social media. The assembly was well received by our students and staff, most likely because the information was timely, pertinent, and well presented. If you are looking for an interesting, impactful means of informing your students and staff about the liabilities of social media, I give Mark Seguin and TBG Solutions my highest recommendation.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 2.56.27 PM.png

Valerie Payne

HS Principal

Etex Logo.png

ETEX Telephone Cooperative

We enjoyed this very interesting and engaging presentation, and the information was well received by our employees. He also spoke about Smartphone Awareness and Identity Theft Awareness. We are a telecommunications company, and yet we learned things that even we didn’t know and had not considered. Also, the video at the end gave his presentation a very moving and personal touch.

Becky Kaunitz - Etex Communications.jpg

Becky Kaunitz
HR Manager

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