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Agencies must become pro-active, not reactive, in making employees aware of the dangers of social media and technology use.

Preventing staff from posting inappropriate comments or photos online takes more than written policy and procedure. Stopping these posts before they occur requires building a culture of people who understand the risks and stop and think before they post. Properly training employees and bringing awareness to them is a necessary component in keeping them from making mistakes that will cause a major social liability for them and your agency.

"We can’t stop staff and employees from being careless with sensitive information, but we can create a culture of employees who are aware of the risks involved in the use of social media."
Learning Objectives:

• Recognize the purpose of Social Media from the company's perspective.

• Identify activities on social media that could be a social liability personally and to the organization.

• Manage your online persona for personal and professional success.

• Identify the information on your social media page that puts you at risk of identity theft.

• Identify modern trends on social media that our kids are involved in.

• Engage with kids to better protect them and prepare them for the future online.

Shelley McDowell, North Lamar ISD

“TBG Solutions provides a very engaging presentation and is able to balance the severity and seriousness of the topic with professional humor. The information share is relevant, current, and needed in today's technologically advanced society. It is apparent that TBG strives to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of social media."

Anne Cozart

Workforce Planning and Recruiting Supervisor


Brookshire Grocery Company

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