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Situational awareness is the perception of environmental elements and events with respect to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their future status.

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The biggest factor that determines survival in any given situation is your ability to figure out what is going on and act quickly. The faster you are able to make a decision on what to do and act on it, the more likely you are to survive. Many of us freeze when faced with a crisis because of our natural instincts and lack of preparedness. To act decisively, one must go through a mental process/checklist and develop a planned response depending on how the situation evolves. What checklist do you go through? What should you be looking for? How can a student be aware and prepared while as school? How can we be aware and prepared without being scared? These are all questions that we answer for your students as we assist to increase their awareness and calm focus should a crisis occur at school.

“The difference between being a victim and a survivor is often the level of situational awareness. You can’t be super-spy or watchfully paranoid every day, but you can be more watchful than the average American.”
Learning Objectives:

• Define situational awareness, including the three levels of situational awareness: perception, comprehension, and projection.

• Describe why maintaining situational awareness in a dynamically changing environment is important.

• Explain the difference between situational awareness and situation assessment.

• Give examples of how good situational awareness enhances good decision making and how decision making can be degraded with poor situational awareness.

Shelley McDowell, North Lamar ISD

“TBG Solutions presented an amazing high school student session. Their message was right on point. I think the sessions really connect with students as they shared powerful real-life scenarios that may affect students. I highly recommend TBG Programs for middle school and high school students. My only regret is I didn’t know about them sooner!”

Polly Bonner

GEAR UP Site Facilitator


School Support & Grant Services Education Service Center Region 12

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