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It is the simple, everyday choices that either create an opportunity for an identity thief or protect your identity from being stolen. From having too much information about yourself on your Facebook profile to simply not being aware of your credit score, your identity can be easily compromised.

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Identity Theft can come in the form of Credit Card Fraud, Bank Fraud, and Social Security Fraud as most people guess. However, Identity Theft reaches far beyond those three forms.

Government documents/benefits fraud (34%) was the most common form of reported identity theft, followed by credit card fraud (17%), phone or utilities fraud (14%), and bank fraud (8%). Other significant categories of identity theft reported by victims were employment-related fraud (6%) and loan fraud (4%).

Common sense is not common knowledge.

Properly training employees and bringing awareness to them is a necessary component in keeping them from making mistakes that will cause a major liability.

"The average person will not discover that their identity has been stolen until 14 months after the crime."
Learning Objectives:

• Understand the pervasiveness of Identity Theft through statistics and stories of social media use, online identity theft, data breaches, etc.

• Recognize the 7 most common types of Identity Theft

• Empathize with the millions of people who have fallen victim to Identity Theft through stories the audience can relate to.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the dangers we face online through changes to phone settings, changes to privacy settings on social media, and deletion of key information and posts that put the audience members at risk.

Shelley McDowell, North Lamar ISD

“I became aware of Mark and TBG when I attended a HealthFirst conference in Tyler this past fall. I found the subject material, and Mark’s presentation of it, so interesting that I encouraged our CEO to allow him to speak at our annual Employee Training Day. We are a telecommunications company, and yet we learned things that even we didn’t know and had not considered.”

Becky Kaunitz

HR Manager


ETEX Telephone Cooperative

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