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Students need to be educated and aware of the dangers of social media and technology use for their own sake and that of their future.

Preventing students from posting inappropriate comments or photos online takes more than a quick mention or simple suggestion. Students need to understand the depth of social and legal consequences that could occur if they engage in irresponsible online behavior.

Teenagers believe that they are invincible and they will live forever. What they don’t realize is that the photo they take on a whim could very well outlast them and spread to more places than they could imagine. Using Facebook irresponsibly could lead to losing a scholarship or not being selected for a job.

"We can’t stop students from using the internet, sexting and cyberbullying, but we can bring awareness and a realization that doing these things could ruin their future."
Learning Objectives:

• Connect with stories about students sexting and being cyberbullied.

• Receive hope that they are not alone and that it is possible to overcome the pressure to send photos.

• Recognize how social media is affecting their lives.

• Internalize the knowledge that they have the strength to fight peer pressure.

• Understand how to get out of a bad sexting/cyberbullying situation.

• Identify with real-world stories of social media posts that caused suspensions, being expelled, losing scholarships, etc.

Shelley McDowell, North Lamar ISD

“Mark came out to our campus and did one of his phenomenal assemblies on the dangers of social media. The assembly was well received by our students and staff, most likely because the information was timely, pertinent, and well presented. If you are looking for an interesting, impactful means of informing your students and staff about the liabilities of social media, I give Mark Seguin and TBG Solutions my highest recommendation."

Valerie Payne



Lindale ISD

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