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The internet has become an essential part of life; it is a powerful resource providing opportunity to people of all ages to communicate in new ways.  For children, growing up with the internet is a necessary tool.  Their entire lives have been surrounded by online technology, many starting to use the internet at a very young age.


However, there are risks in participating in internet activity. Harassment, stalking, identity theft, and even blackmail and kidnapping are risks that could come from exposing too much information online.  It is important to know how to use the internet safely in order to have a positive online experience.  It is important for kids and parents to know how to apply these skills at home, at school and in public places such as the library, and internet hot spots such as coffee shops and restaurants.The best way to protect kids online is to talk to them. This guide is to provide practical advice and information on safe internet use. In learning and applying safe internet skills, and sharing these with their children, parents can help to keep them safe, and ensure that the whole family enjoys positive internet experiences. 

BeSafe InCyberSpace: A Family Guide to CyberSafety

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