Social Media Awareness

65% of online adults have a Facebook page.


Every year, employees get fired because of photos or comments they put on their personal page. They need to know the potential pitfalls of using social media.

In our modern, interconnected culture, social media has become indispensable to our everyday lives. It is a rushing river that everyone is a part of and it cannot be stopped. However, for the sake of our personal lives and of our family, we must learn how to navigate it safely.

Identity Theft Awareness

The average person will not discover they are a victim until 14 months after the crime.


Once an identity is stolen, it will take 175-600+ hours to recover it! Nobody’s got time for that. Spending time out of work is simply not an option.

It is the simple, everyday choices that either create an opportunity for an identity thief or protect your identity from being stolen. From having too much information about yourself on your Facebook profile to simply not being aware of your credit score, your identity can be easily compromised.

Data Breach Prevention

88% of data breaches are caused by employee error!

We know that you hired some fantastic people for your organization. They would never intentionally compromise sensitive information or use it with malicious intent.

However, if your employees are not proactively thinking about the potential of outside data thieves, then they could be unwittingly aiding a data breach. Every year, small employee errors are exploited and major data breaches occur.

Active Shooter Response Options

Lockdown is NOT enough! You need OPTIONS!


If we have drills for fires, earthquakes and bomb threats, why don’t we have drills for active shooters?


In 2016, we had more mass shootings than any other year in our history as a nation.
Seconds are lives in these situations.

The body cannot go where the mind has never been. Do you actively analyze your surroundings to prepare yourself for an active shooter? Our training takes your mind to that place. ALERT, RUN, HIDE, FIGHT!



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