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We are the missing piece in keeping your employees and students safe.

"I was always taught to do what the shooter wanted. "Don't be a HERO!" Thanks to the Active Shooter response training, I will be training my mind differently".

- Brooke -

"The body can not go where the mind has never been"

- Mark Seguin TBG Solutions -


We at TBG Solutions have a mission to change the culture in our schools, businesses, government institutions, and other organizations. Our communities are facing many new and old problems from Bullying and Workplace Violence to Active Shooters and Cyber Criminals. Staff and Students are bringing their devices home with them, using them all day and even at night. The cyber criminals and bullies have 24/7 access to their victims. We have seen countless cases of students whose lives have been ruined because of bullying and organizations breached because of a simple email opened at home on a mobile device.


It is time that we take a stand as public servants, educators, and employers to create a culture shift. You the HR Director, you the CFO, you the administrators, you the teachers, and you the parents have an opportunity. You have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of your employees, constituents, and students.


Our mission is to see a cyber-smart and bully-free work and school environment for this and the next generation. Our mission is to empower and educate in an entertaining and memorable way, to change thinking, change behavior, and manage risk.

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