Building your Digital Persona/Your Personal Brand

Building your Digital Persona/Your Personal Brand

90% of job recruiters use social media as part of the screening process. 69% have rejected a candidate due to their social media. 68% have hired a candidate due to their social media. More people can see your posts than you would like to think. - Lab42

30 million+ young adults currently have a LinkedIn profile.

Colleges have been known to rescind offers of admissions or scholarships because of something inappropriate on a recruit’s social media page. On the flip side, they have shown interest in a candidate because of something on their social media page.

Social Media is an opportunity and a threat to the future of our students. In this session, students will be able to recognize the threats from social media and actively work to leverage its benefits to propel them ahead of the competition.

"We can’t and shouldn’t stop students from using the internet, but we can bring awareness and a realization that proper social media use can set them up for success."
Mark Seguin, TBG Solutions Inc. Owner/CEO
Learning Objectives:

• Understand the steps for success on social media.

• Identify with stories of students who did not manage their online persona.

• Recognize what recruiters and colleges are looking for on social media.

• Add/remove key information from social media.

• Identify and utilize top social media platforms used for career/college success.

“The World Wide Web is a powerful communication and research tool for both students and teachers... Mr. Seguin, your presentation was well researched and relevant in addressing this topic. The stories and illustrations expressed the necessity of learning to navigate social media with discretion."

Vice Principal

Jeff Schapansky

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