The Situational Awareness and Behavioral Threat Analysis session is a study of the world we live in from a security standpoint. It outlines the mindset and profile of criminals based on years of data research and analysis from the United States Secret Service Threat Assessment Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Behavior Analysis Unit. (FBI BAU).

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“The difference between being a victim and a survivor is often a low level of situational awareness. You can't be a super-spy, watchful and paranoid every day. But I am more watchful than the average American.” - Barry Eisler
Learning Objectives:

• Understand the characteristics and behaviors of predators and violent, mentally unstable people.

• Examine the minds and thought processes of attackers when they are looking for a victim or place to carry out an act of mass violence.

• Identify locations that are vulnerable such as churches, schools, businesses, malls, and large gatherings and identify factors that make them targets.

• Secure these venues and develop countermeasures to varying types of attacks.

Shelley McDowell, North Lamar ISD