Businesses and organizations must become pro-active, not reactive, when it comes to data security and preventing a breach. Making employees aware of the dangers of social media is crucial in the fight against identity theft and organization liability.

Preventing data breaches and identity theft takes more than technology or good procedure. Stopping data breaches before they occur requires building a “Breach-Free Culture” within your organization. Properly training employees across all areas of data protection is a necessary component to breach-proof environment. Although cyber-criminals may get the headlines and media attention, the fact is that that most breaches are caused by human error and process failures, not advanced hackers.

"Technology can't always stop someone from making mistakes, but training them in a way that changes thinking and behavior can bring about a “Breach-Proof Culture” where employees across all departments share a heightened awareness, understanding, and commitment to eliminating risk."

Vishing. Easy to do, not so easy to protect against.

Attendees Will Learn:
• Statistics (% of social media users, online identity theft, data breaches, etc.)
• What is identity theft? - 7 most common types...
• Real world examples of social media posts that created liability.
• Discussion on key information to remove from Facebook in order to prevent identity theft. • Steps to keeping your staff safe and managing the risk of a liability.

“Mark recently conducted an outstanding training for our company. With humor and factual knowledge, he easily held the attention of our employees while educating them regarding social networking, identity theft, and data breach prevention. The information he conveyed was not only pertinent in our electronic culture, but also open the eyes of our employees to the importance of being proactive in his area."


Roland Haley, President

ETA Global

TBG Social Media Solutions


Our cutting edge staff development training is designed to educate and entertain. This training will make an impact on your staff by changing their thinking, changing their behavior, and reducing their risk of employee error in causing a breach. Phishing attacks and social media mistakes are happening every day causing liability for organizations and causing employees to be fired. You must train them on how to represent the values of your organization and how to prevent a data breach.

Not only will staff be educated, but they will be empowered with the information needed to protect themselves and your company's data. Data breaches happen every day, are you and your employees prepared?


We have done extensive market research and there is one Identity Theft Monitoring and Restoration product we recommend that stands above the rest for the price and the level of service.


IDShield provides monitoring, not only for your credit and credit cards, but also payday loan companies and black market chat rooms for your information being bought and sold on the black market. In the event that your identity is stolen, they will go to work for you to restore your identity to a pre-theft condition.

Would you like more information or are you interested in a training session for your Staff?

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