Businesses must become pro-active, not reactive, in making staff and employees aware of key principles that will empower them to make life-saving decisions in the heat of the moment that will buy time and save lives.

Preventing an active shooter situation is impossible. There is no demographic or profile that will predict where the next situation might occur. However, when lightning strikes, your employees must be able to respond with simple steps to keep themselves safe. It requires building a culture of people who have a mental awareness of their surroundings and clearly defined action steps. Properly training employees is a necessary component in empowering them to know what to do.

"Unlike a defined crime, such as a murder or mass killing, the active aspect inherently implies that both law enforcement personnel AND citizens have the potential to affect the outcome of the event based upon their responses."        -FBI, 2013


Attendees Will Learn:
Topics will include but are not limited to case studies and the lessons we can learn from past shooting situations.
  • Overview of the Alert, Run, Hide, Fight principles for survival.

  • Alert - Notifying your organization immediately of the situation at hand.

  • Run - Your best possible chance of survival is to get out of harm’s way.

  • Hide - Don’t just turn off the lights; learn to barricade the door as best as you can.

  • Fight - If the shooter walks in then you must be prepared to disrupt his thought process

    and buy time. Learn simple tactics to increase your chance of survival.

“Our employees continue to recite key phrases and quotes Mark taught us, like “The body cannot go where the mind has never been.” This is a positive indicator of the impact Mark’s presentation left on our staff, and it is my pleasure to recommend Mark and TBG Solutions for all of your employee safety and training needs!”


Dawn Yount, Human Resources Director

East Texas Food Bank

“Safety is a primary focus at Quincy Compressor, and in today’s world, awareness is the key to keeping employees working safely. TBG Solutions’ Active Shooter training delivered easily adopted preparedness and allowed our employees to consider real-world scenarios in a proactive way. Mark Seguin challenged attendees to think fast on their feet, driving the point home that preparedness saves lives. We highly recommend this session to businesses looking to impact to their employees in a positive way and improve life skills inside and outside of the workplace.”

Emily Jones

Quincy Compressor, Bay Minette, Alabama

TBG Active Shooter Solutions


Our cutting edge staff development training is designed to educate and entertain. This training will make an impact on your staff by changing their thinking, changing their behavior, and reducing their risk of falling victim in the event of an active shooter situation. 


Common sense is not common knowledge. The body cannot go where the mind has never been. All we need to be able to do is buy time before first responders arrive to end the situation. How do you properly break a window? How do you barricade a door that swings into the hallway? Entirely possible and easy to do, but it simply requires training.

We can’t stop a lawsuit from occurring after an active shooter situation. However, by having a plan in place and making training available to employees, the risk associated with a lawsuit is mitigated.

This cutting-edge, violence-saturated world that we now live in has created problems and pains that we have never had to deal with in previous generations. We must respond with cutting-edge, dynamic solutions in order to mitigate our risk associated with these problems.

These principles are life principles that every person needs to know for the rest of their lives.

Raising the Learning Curve

Through TBG Proactive, we increase the learning curve and decrease the forgetting curve through weekly interaction with your employees. 

The TBG Proactive program is a way for you and your organization to stay up to date and educated on the cutting edge of active shooter response. It is the next step in changing the culture of your organization to one of situational awareness and active preparedness for the unthinkable.

The Proactive program brings our trainers into your offices and your employees' homes every other week. We send out bi-weekly Pods with updates, refreshers, and tips regarding the world of active shooters and cutting edge responses. 

It is time to be Proactive.

Would you like more information or are you interested in a training session for your Staff?

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