School districts must become pro-active, not reactive, in making students aware of the dangers of social media use, sexting and cyberbullying.

Preventing students from posting inappropriate comments or photos online takes more than a quick mention or simple suggestion. Students need to understand the depth of social and legal consequences that could occur if they engage in irresponsible online behavior.


Teenagers believe that they are invincible and they will live forever. What they don’t realize is that the photo they take on a whim could very well outlast them and spread to more places than they could imagine. Using Facebook irresponsibly could lead to losing a scholarship or not being selected for a job.

"We can’t stop students from using the internet, sexting and cyberbullying, but we can bring an awareness and a realization that doing these things could ruin their future."

Sexting, Cyberbullying, and Social Media

Students Will Learn:
• Statistics (% of social media users, online identity theft, sexting/cyberbullying, etc.)
• Real world stories of social media posts that caused suspensions, being expelled, losing scholarships, etc.
• Discussion on key information to remove from Facebook to keep yourself safe
• The law behind sexting & cyberbullying.
• Real stories of students who have sexted and cyberbullied and how to get out of it.
• Optional, by Request Only: Character Assassination, Predator Apps and Associated Risk.

“Mark came out to our campus And did one of his phenomenal assemblies on the dangers of social media. The assembly was well received by our students and staff, most likely because the information was timely, pertinent, and well presented. If you are looking for an interesting, impactful means of informing your students and staff about the liabilities of social media, I give Mark Seguin and TBG Solutions my highest recommendation."


Valerie Payne, Principal

Lindale ISD

TBG Student Assembly Solutions


This is an engaging, motivating assembly that will change their thinking along with provide inspiration and encouragement that they matter and people care about them. They can make a difference in the world, they just need to believe it. They also must be empowered knowing that they don’t have to impress that guy or girl with a nude photo.

Follow up then needs to be in place to reinforce the principles from the assembly throughout the year. Just like wearing a set of braces straightens teeth over time, revisiting the topic throughout the year will ensure change.

This social media-oriented, cutting-edge world has created problems and pains that we have never had to deal with in previous generations. We must respond with cutting-edge, dynamic solutions to mitigate our risk associated with these problems.

In order for this training to be effective, we recommend a top-down approach. Train your staff and teachers first on these topics and then present the same information to your students in an engaging format that will change their thinking, change their behavior, and manage their risk.

Raising the Learning Curve

Through TBG Proactive, we increase the learning curve and decrease the forgetting curve through weekly interaction with your employees, students, and parents. 

The TBG Proactive program is a way for you and your organization to stay up to date and educated on the cutting edge of social media and related issues. It is the next step in changing the culture of your organization to one of risk mitigation and the prevention of an uncomfortable situation with your teachers.

Would you like more information or are you interested in a training session for your Students?

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