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Mark Seguin

Mark Seguin is the founder of TBG Solutions Inc., a risk management and training solutions company that develops strategies, training and awareness programs to keep staff, student and employees safe.





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Mark’s identity was stolen as a child, requiring a great deal of time and energy to restore. From this experience Mark recognized the rising rate of identity theft resulting from a lack of data security within companies and organizations and the devastating consequences individuals and organizations face. These factors influenced Mark to build what is now a cutting-edge security and risk management training company.

After the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in 2012, Mark was encouraged by several school and college officials to add a new training module to TBG’s suite of services. Using the US Department of Homeland Security and U. S. Department of Education’s recommended principles, Mark built a training program that will save lives, change thinking and change behavior, ultimately managing risk for individuals and organizations. Today the “How to Respond to an Active Shooter Situation” training is one of the most requested of our programs by schools, colleges and businesses alike.

Mark also specializes in educating and training in social media safety and awareness, cyberbullying/sexting eduction for students, customer service, team building and employee development.
Mark can often be found speaking at national events and conferences across the United States. With more than 16+ years of experience training and consulting, Mark has firmly established himself as one of the foremost school safety and active shooter / intruder specialist in the nation.

Mark’s candor, captivating stories and great sense of humor combine for a highly effective presentation. He has a way of empowering audiences to be street smart, probing, and to reduce risk in data-saturated areas of their lives.

Mark is also part of the staff development team at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas.

As a father of five, Mark has first-hand knowledge of social media. He has seen the benefits of this high-tech communication as well as the risks involved. He uses his personal and real life business experiences in an engaging format to share critical information.

Mark is married to his wonderful wife Elizabeth of 23 years and they have five children ranging from 19 to 30 years of age and four beautiful grandchildren. Mark and his family spend their time between east Texas and the Pikes Peak region of Colorado and in their free time like to cycle, camp and play games. He is a sixth generation Texan whose ancestors fought for the independence of Texas at the Alamo and battle of San Jacinto. 


Matt MorrisMatt Morris

Matt Morris has been helping organizations better protect data for over a decade. Through consulting, speaking, and training Matt has been increasing awareness of issues related to information security, data breach prevention, identity theft, and social networking issues in the workplace

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for hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of employees. By helping others to grasp the issues of privacy and identity theft first at a personal level it establishes the proper thinking and behavior towards handling sensitive information in the workplace. Awareness training on these topics is essential for all organizations that must protect sensitive information both by law, and in order to maintain consumer trust.The financial and reputation cost of experiencing a data breaches is higher than ever and employee error is the most common cause. Through consulting on best practices an delivering fun memorable training, his primary objective is to substantially reduce that risk for my clients.

Social media has also greatly expanded the vulnerabilities and liabilities for individuals and organizations, as over sharing has become so commonplace. Training employees on social networking’s pitfalls and establishing a policy are essential for every workplace. Matt is excited about the online training platform we now have that will change employee thinking and behavior when they are using social networks for personal and professional use. As a managing partner with TBG Fraud Solutions our organization continues to evolve with training modules. We will continue to create valuable content for our clients and always deliver it in fun, interactive, and memorable way.


Jimmy Parrish

In 1999, Jimmy Parrish founded Parrish and Associates, Inc. specializing in Identity Theft Consulting and Legal Benefit Plans. In 2006, he obtained his designation as a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, the only designation in North America in this rapidly-emerging field of security and data breaches. Since then he has trained thousands of employees in 29 states about identity theft risk management, customer service and social media.

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In all of his identity theft trainings, Mr. Parrish makes sure to emphasize educating employees on FACTA and the Red Flags Rule. Mr. Parrish is a native of Montgomery, Alabama, and a graduate of The University of Alabama and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served for 10 years as Minister of Single Adults at the Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Vestavia Hills where he was named in 1998 as the “National Single Adult Minister of the Year.” That same year he served as one of the original consultants to E-Harmony, the internet-based dating and relationship service.

Mr. Parrish has worked with TBG Solutions, Inc., since 2002. Through his entertaining and engaging style of training, he furthers TBG Solutions, Inc.’s founding mission to change thinking, change behavior and manage risk when engaging in any on-line activity, especially social media.

Mr. Parrish is a graduate of Leadership Vestavia Hills and is the proud father of four grown children and “Papa” to six grandchildren. His hobbies include reading, college sports, spending time with his family, and traveling. He currently resides in North Shelby County with his wife Dr. Sherry Parrish, Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.


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David Tyson, Jr.

David Tyson, Jr. has over 30 years of experience as a sales, marketing and management professional, but his passion is for education and educator development. He provides consulting, training and coaching for all levels of management. He has been an Identity Theft awareness trainer since




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2007, with a focus on school districts and non-profit organizations. Mr. Tyson’s successful track record includes experience as an elected school board trustee, serving six years (May 2004 – May 2010) with the Richardson Independent School District (RISD).

Mr. Tyson is a former member of the Texas School Board Association, National School Board Association, and North Texas President of the Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members. He is a 2007 alumni of the Texas Association of School Boards’ leadership program for school board trustees.

He is President and Founder of Sales Trac, which is approved by the Texas Education Agency to provide professional development for school districts and charter schools. David resides in Dallas with his wife of 40 years, Linda. They have three adult children and are proud grandparents.


Matt Tibbetts

Matt Tibbetts is a passionate speaker who loves to connect with his audience and ensure their understanding. From middle school students to business leaders, Matt engages each group and conducts himself with excellence and professionalism in every context. With a witty sense of

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humor and cutting-edge knowledge on today’s society, Matt is sure to leave you with plenty to apply. His passion lies in empowering audiences to either take their business to the next level or develop a healthy awareness when using social media. From a young age, Matt enjoyed delving into the world of business. He was also recognized as having exceptional communication skills; both written and oral. From trading stocks to website and social media marketing to speaking to hundreds of students, Matt’s drive energizes those around him. Growing up in Thailand and attending international schools has molded Matt into a global thinker with a broad perspective who enjoys tackling tough issues and finding solutions.

Matt served as an intern at a global non-profit for three years where he earned numerous awards and accolades such as “Carpe Diems” and nominations for the prestigious “Director’s Award.” During his 3rd year, he was selected to participate in an invite-only business program called the “Executive Track.” During the course of his year, he was mentored by an executive coach who had been a CEO and VP of numerous businesses during his 25 year career. Matt currently lives in Tyler, TX and is enjoying every thing about life right now. Life is brief. Let’s make it count.


John Chapman

John Chapman holds a BA in Business Economics from the University of California and is a Certified ID Theft Risk Management Specialist. Formerly a consultant for Oracle Corporation, John now devotes his time helping businesses and organizations that maintain sensitive information reduce their risk and liability of a data breach and identity theft through a unique, informative, and humorous presentation.

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John is also an affiliate member of the Health Care Compliance Association as well as the Colorado Medical Group Managers Association. He specializes in the health care industry with client practices of all specialties across the greater Southwest. He has worked with hundreds of organizations and spoken to tens of thousands of employees to increase identity theft awareness in the workplace and actions to prevent costly information breaches.

John has spent the last few years as a speaker and trainer on this topic, and while working with a number of industries, John has worked primarily in the medical and education fields throughout Colorado, Texas, Nevada, and California. He is available to speak at clubs and associations that would like more information on this issue for their members or employees. His most recent speaking engagements include the Arapahoe-Douglas-Elbert Medical Society, the American Association of Professional Coders, Boulder Valley IPA, and the Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers. John and his wife Jai Jai, an equine professional, reside in Colorado and are fortunate to enjoy a family of ten Arabian horses, 2 dogs, and three cats.


Tim Renner

Tim Renner

Tim Renner grew up working with his Dad and brothers in the family business. Business and customer service were always in his background. Over the years Tim has honed his ability to provide excellent customer service and bring value to his broad range of clients. Since joining the TBG team, Tim has continued to provide education and resources that empower businesses.

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Tim is passionate about protecting organizations and their exposure to the risks of identity theft and data breaches. His ability to connect with all audiences creates an environment that is not only educational, but also entertaining.

Michael Schechter

Michael Schechter

Michael brings a broad background spanning 30 years divided by running complex operations and his own company, The Smart Solutions Group, LLC. He is a certified trainer and seasoned public speaker who is bilingual in both English and Spanish.

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For the past 10 years he has worked with a multitude of companies to develop and implement risk management training programs to educate and create awareness for employees. His expertise and knowledge allows him to induce significant change which creates educational awareness and reduces employer liability and risk.

Michael earned a B.A. in Mathematics from Quinnipiac University and holds certificates from professional organizations related to situational management, business consulting, effective leadership, Documentation for Technical Professionals and Toastmasters International.

Michael has four beautiful children and is a former professional soccer player who regularly stays active playing on local teams where he resides in Stamford, CT. Michael is also a member of various associations including the Stamford Chamber of Commerce. He is an Executive Board member of the SASL, one of the largest adult soccer leagues in the US and Treasurer of the (CSSA) Connecticut State Soccer Association.


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